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Qualifying Criteria

A. No applicant convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude will be accepted for residency.
B. All applicants 18 or older must provide a social security number in order to process the application. Applicants 18 years or older, who do not have a social security number, will be required to pay an additional security deposit equal to one month's rent. This is in addition to the standard security deposit for the respective floor plan selected.
C. Maximum occupancy per apartment: One bedroom: maximum occupancy of 2 persons, Two bedroom: maximum occupancy of 4 persons. All occupants must be listed on application regardless of age.
D. Co-signers are permitted only for full-time students. Co-signers must have a social security number and make 5 times the monthly gross rent. Cosigners must be a parent.
E. Income/Employment Standards:

  1. The gross income/rent ratio used to qualify applicants is 3 times the amount of the monthly rent.
  2. In the event applicants apply for one apartment as roommates, each applicant must meet the qualifying criteria individually. The income rent ratio for roommate applicants is 2.5 times the amount of the market rent.
  3. The required rent ratio for co-signers is 5 times the amount of the monthly rent.
  4. The required gross income must be verifiable taxable income. No recurring monthly gifts.

F. Employment Verification:

  1. Two most-recent paystubs (showing one month of income) with applicant's name.
  2. Self-employed applicants are required to provide a copy of last year's tax return, and/or a letter from applicant's accountant on company letterhead showing a balance of 3 times the monthly rent multiplied by 6 months, or 6 most recent months of bank statements that reflect an income/rent ratio of 3 to 1.
  3. For those applicants that receive commissions or tips only, must provide 6 months of paystubs or prior year's W-2 form. (Verbal verification is not permissible.)
  4. Retired individuals who need care from their child may be approved under the following conditions. A) Social Security Award Letter must serve as proof. B) All applicants must meet credit criteria. C) Child must make 3 times the monthly rent. D) Child must reside in the unit with their parent. These qualifications pertain to next of kin only; live in caretakers with patient must meet criteria as roommates.
  5. Retired and unemployed applicants, living off interest-bearing accounts, must provide last six months' worth of statements that will verify their monthly income, which must equal the 3 to 1 income ratio.

G. Rental Verification:

  1. Applicants must have verifiable residency of at least 6 months with good payment and rental history.
  2. Applicants must provide residency addresses for the last 6 months with applicable contact information.

H. Credit Standards:

  1. All applicants must have a favorable credit history with a verifiable credit score of at least 620 on the Landlord's Background Screening System (Currently Acutraq) processed by landlord's agent. Credit Scores between 600-619 will require an extra security deposit.
  2. All applicants must have a verified credit history. No credit will require an extra security deposit.
  3. Applicants will not be accepted for the following derogatory credit records:

a. A bankruptcy within the last two years
b. Eviction
c. Monies owed to an apartment community or landlord or utility company.

I. All lease holders must be 18 years of age or older.

J. If an application is approved and applicant fails to move in, the holding fee is forfeited as liquidated damages for expenses incurred due to cancellation. If applicant does not notify Owner/Agent within the 48 hour time period as stated on receipt, the non-refundable process fee will be forfeited.

K. In order to reserve an apartment home, applicant(s) must submit an executed application along with the following fees: ($50.00) nonrefundable application fee for each applicant or married couple and a holding fee of ($200.00) which is for the required nonrefundable administration fee if application is approved.

L. Verifications necessary (Residence, Credit, Background, Income, Social Security Number) must be verified prior to an approval regardless of move in date.

Non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, familial status, or handicap is the comprehensive policy of this company. This information sheet is intended to give prospective residents a brief summary of the leasing guidelines and policies for Summerlin Villas. THIS DOES NOT COVER ALL OF THE POLICIES AND GUIDELINES. Summerlin Villas reserves the right to revise or change these policies at any time.

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